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· 7 min read
Jens Langhammer

authentik is an open source Identity Provider that unifies your identity needs into a single platform, replacing Okta, Active Directory, and auth0. Authentik Security is a public benefit company building on top of the open source project.

On November 29th, 2023, Okta revealed that a breach they announced in October was much worse than originally conveyed. The number of impacted users went from less than 1% of customers to every single customer who had every opened a Support ticket in the Okta Help Center.

So the impact leapt from 134 users to 18,400 users.

We wrote in October about Okta’s poor response to breaches (see Okta got breached again), but since our blog doesn’t seem to be changing Okta’s behaviour, let’s take a closer look at the new revelations from Okta about what happened back in October, how it is impacting users now, and why Okta is still dealing with it in December.

Now all of Okta’s customers are paying the price… with increased phishing and spam.

Our take is that any company can be hacked, but it is the response that matters. How quick is the response, how transparent are the details, how forthright are the acknowledgments? Okta’s initial announcement about the October breach (remember the HAR file that contained a session token?) was less-than-timely, devoid of details, and titled with one of the worst titles ever given such a serious announcement.

screenshot of the timeline that Okta published