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Release 2024.4 is here: new functionality for Admins, devs, and end users

· 3 min read
Jens Langhammer
CTO at Authentik Security Inc

authentik is an open source Identity Provider that unifies your identity needs into a single platform, replacing Okta, Active Directory, and auth0. Authentik Security is a public benefit company building on top of the open source project.

We are happy to announce that 2024 is going great, with our second release of the year adding important new functionality for Admins, developers, and end users. Take a look at the new features included in the release, check out the Release Notes for more details and upgrade instructions, and enjoy the new features!

graphic of release highlights

We are excited that this release, like our 2024.2 one, continues to add more functionality across the board for all users. For Admins, we added new abilities to verify user credentials and provision users and groups via external IdP sources, additional powerful configuration options, and performance improvements for important API endpoints (User, Groups, Events). For developers, we added an API Client for Python. We also made further UX/usability and customization enhancements, with a revamped UI for log messages and converting several multi-select boxes into dual-select. Using dual-select components across the interface is the goal; they provide a much cleaner UX for our users.

Let’s take a look at some of the highlights of this release.